Friday, July 31, 2009

2 Weeks and Counting

Two weeks from today, Bryan and I take to the sky and head for Ethiopia for our church planning trip. We have many names, phone numbers, and contact information. It is are prayer that not only will God revile to us what we should do with a larger group from our church in February, but that God would use us while we are there to make a difference in the lives of whom we come in contact with.
We will be spending a full day with World Vision, worshipping God in the International Evangelical Church, speaking with nationals and Americans who are doing their best to change the lives of the "Least of These". We also have several orphanages outside of Addis Ababa to visit, as well as just talking with some of the local people to build relationships and to share the love of Christ.
We are starting to pack our checked bags with donations for some of the Orphanages, and pray that we will bring just what they need. Things like baby formula, diapers, wipes, bottle nipples, and lollipops for the kids.
With all this coming down in two weeks, we are excited but also have the stress of finances, leaving our wives and children behind, and making sure things are as close to being in order as they can be.
Please pray for the following things:
1. Our wives and children as they miss their Dads, and try to keep the daily routines going without us.
2. For peace and the love of Christ to reign in our homes.
3. For the rest of our financial needs to be met.
4. For Bryan and I to stay healthy and safe the entire trip.
5. For all of our connecting, flights, and appointments to be God ordained.
6. For Bryan and I to be FLEXABLE, loving and understanding in all circumstances.
and finally, that God would break our hearts by the things that are breaking His, That He would give us His eyes to see what he sees, and just to use us to our fullest the entire trip.
We need clarity, discernment and the prompting of the Spirit to move us in the right direction with His Love and Grace!

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