Saturday, February 13, 2010

Ethiopia- Saturday Evening

Tonight we headed back to Strong Hearts International, for movie night. The movie theater was awesome, once the rain stopped and the sheet dried. Showing the movie outside was nice but the damp wood didn’t let the bonfire really get hot enough. I was blessed to have an adorable little girl who was probably 3 years old sit next to me and hold my hand all movie long. Every time I looked down at her, I pictured my little girl about the same age. I had tears flowing out of my eyes when I thought of her future here in Ethiopia. Would she be raped or pregnant before 14 years old? Would she be destined to carry wood for the rest of her life? Would she contract HIV/Aids? Or will she be dead before any of these things could happen to her because of starvation or malnutrition? As I reflect on just how precious she was to me, I can only imagine how God sees her. Then I’m reminded that He sees all of us the same, Beautiful, Precious, Created in his own image. Priceless! Yes Priceless; that’s how he sees each and every one of us even as sinners. Yet he loves us! We let Him down, but He still loves us. This is the true Agape’ love that we see in the bible; and perhaps I was feeling for this little girl, and all those watching the film tonight. Oh yes, I remember praying that God would break my heart for the things that break His, and once again it has happened. But not just to me this time. In walks Lisa, Jessica, and Kayla. Tonight Lisa, Jessica, and Kayla had their hearts broken for the Ethiopian children as they watched the transforming power of the Holy Spirit at work during the viewing of the “Jesus Film.” At the end of the film, Lisa address the audience and poured out God’s passion for them to know the True and Living God. I followed asking them not to deny Christ 3 times as Peter did, but to except him now. Through Gedinet, we asked all who wanted to make a change in their lives forever and have the hope of and future of Christ, to come forward and we would pray with them. From the crowd of 205 children, about 12 came forward to receive Christ as Lord.
Tonight we gave the Hope of the Future, Jesus Christ!! Praise God!

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