Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Today we started our Vacation Bible School with 29 of the most adorable little 3-5 year old kids at Strong Hearts International. They were loads of fun. We had bible story time, Craft time, Music and Gym.
These precious little ones are from the Leper community. We did meet an adorable little girl whose parents are dead due to HIV/Aides. She is staying with her grandmother. This little girl is HIV positive also and even if she can get the medication, she needs food to take the medicine with. To hold this little girls in your arms and realize that she may have a death sentence in just heart breaking. Kayla spent a lot of time with her just letting her know what love is. It was wonderful listening to them sing along with Lisa and the Snazzy CD. You should be able to see pictures at http://strh.binghamacademy.net/index.htm
After lunch we rest for a short bit and then headed out to the area up in the city where the millennium celebration was held, to play soccer with Ephram’s boys. Jessie played great! Bryan, Anna, and I played hard, and I tripped Zi (who works for the Guest House) and drew blood. It really was an accident! Really! We had a great time and boy oh boy those guys can play. This was the first time I felt the elevation change.
Everything seems to be going well with all those over at Les and Maxine’s teaching English and building relationships.
God is working throughout the team as conversations such as “when I come back” are taking place on a regular schedule. How exciting to see lives transformed before your very eyes. I am truly blessed by the Lord to be here with this team! Thank you Lord, and thank you to all those praying for us!

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