Saturday, February 13, 2010

Ethiopian trip 2010 - We made it!!

Friday morning at 7:15 we touched down at Bole International Airport. It was only 12 hours later than expected, but every one of us was in great spirits. We knew from the beginning that this was God’s trip and it would unfold as He wanted it to. We ended up spending 10 hours in Paris France which was cool because none of us had ever been there, but 10 hours in the AIRPORT!!! Is NOT so cool! We also had the opportunity to fly Air France and Ethiopian Air which were good trips. As we headed to baggage, we all wondered if we would find anything, but thanks to all those who have been praying for those bags, each and every one of the 29 checked bags were there and went through Ethiopian Customs with only one minor problem with the projector I brought, and that was fixed by a 20 dollar bill. Image the fact that corruption knows no boundaries.
For the 9 team members who have never been here before their eyes where wide open as we traveled to the Guest House, Zi answered the many questions that arose. Once at the guest house, we sorted out the donations and personal items, giving those going to Les and Maine’s a chance to shower up and have a quick lunch. Right after lunch, we went to Les and Maxine’s and filled their living room with the many blessings that so many had donated. So exciting!
Lisa had about 20 minutes to start her “Purity Talk,” which you could see kind of through her, but when we pick her up later, you could see that relationships had begun with all who were there.
The rest of us had a wonderful dinner with the two missionaries who work in Soddo. He is a medical eye doctor, and she runs the orphanage there, where my 3 latest daughters came from. What a wonderful and informative evening listening to how God is using them, but on the same hand how difficult it is for them to see infant death in the morning, and a new sick, burned or abandoned child at their door in the evening. The decisions that they make are so very, very, difficult, and hit them every day. They were so pleased to see the condition of 3 my girls that they had rescued over a year ago, knowing that they had made the right decisions. They were so happy to see all of the donations, and definitely touched to see all the Soy Formula. They also commented on the fact that everything went through customs, but we assured them that our prayer warriors took care of that! They planned to dress all the babies in the outfits that Shandelle and Jessica’s grandmother made and send us a picture. We called it a night as John S, I and a few others were literally falling asleep on our feet.

Saturday Morning
We dropped John S off at the Williams’ and the rest of us went to Strong Hearts International to work with the Pre teen group. That went very well with them asking Jessica and Kayla to show a little Ty Kwon Do sparing, which they did. They were impressed. Lisa and Kayla were asked to sing and play the Ukulele. Bryan was asked how fast he could run, which of course he explained it depended who was chasing him. And finally, I was asked to do pushups.(they only wanted 10, but I gave them 12. This evening we will be there for movie night and follow the Spirit for direction.
Oh yes, and how could I forget? Gedinet ask for me to give a message at which God instantly gave me the verse in Jeremiah Chapter 3 verse 5.”Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart.” I got a little nervous but as I was reading further, I discovered Verse 8 says “Do not be afraid of them, for I am with you and will rescue you” declares the Lord. So I shared with them that each one of them was specially made by God and had a specific reason and purpose for their life. That it doesn’t matter whether you are American, Korean, or Ethiopian; you are special to God and he has a plan for your life, and He can use you if you are obedient. Mmmmm…….. That is the same message for all of us isn’t it???? Obedience, that’s why we are here and God is using us!
That’s all for now.

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