Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sundays Highlights

WOW! I guess that is the only way to sum up our Sunday. We started the day with an Ethiopian church service that lasted 2 ½ hours, but what an energy charged service with the blessing of a double wedding ceremony! Our whole team was together for this experience or should I say blessing. The one bride was blind and there was a whole blind choir that sang beautifully for them. The pastor told us that because these two couples were poor that they have their ceremony during the regular church service. This is a very effective way to help encourage other poor people to do the same. The one thing that we weren’t so keen on was the fact that after the vows are given a hand shake is done between the bride and groom. We Americans love our kisses!
After the service we broke into 3 groups with me, Sarah, Kayla, and Jessica, going to The Mothers House; Bryan, Alesia, Lisa, and Anna, going to Tesfa’s house; and Shandelle, Lindsay, John S. and Nicole going to Hannah’s house. We all ate too much authentic Ethiopian food, but had a wonderful time with all the girls, learning Amharic, getting our hair braided (of course they tried my arms, and even eyeballed my chest but one must draw the line somewhere.) It seems as though at every house was great fellowship, friendships, singing and dancing. No one wanted to leave, and this was proven by us being a little late for Strong Hearts 2nd movie night. I must say that Anna was taken right in by one of the girls, and didn’t want to leave. Every one of us has experienced a love and acceptance from all we have come in contact with, and it is wonderful.
The Spirit of God is certainly moving here and we watch in awe. Jessica stepped forward tonight (Lisa spoke last night and was equally as awesome) to speak to the children after the movie, as God lead her. She was awesome in her presentation. Totally stepping out of her comfort zone! But what she said was wonderful and it was so cool that the girl who told me hours before that she didn’t really feel as though she should speak, was moved by the Spirit of God, and used by Him beautifully!
Lisa, Kayla and Jessica also warmed up the crowd before the movie with singing and dancing! The children, young and old loved it! Older guys were dancing and singing which was so cool because that same age group in America never would have moved an inch. But these guys were getting down tonight. John S, Anna, and I shook many hands and took lots of pictures.
At the end of the evening God brought forth 18 children to ask Jesus in their hearts. How Awesome is that! Praise God from whom all blessings flow!
Keep praying for more souls to be welcomed into the Kingdom of God. The teams’ hearts are being broken for the things that break the heart of God. Hallelujah!

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